Welcome liveeastboston.com!

This site’s mission is to organize East Boston’s information to make it linkable, discoverable, accessible and useful.

Residents of East Boston frequently rely on search engines to find information across many sites including boston.gov, bostonplans.org, mbta.com, mbtafocus40.com, massdot.state.ma.us, massport.com and more.  The information they find there is often available only in PDF or PowerPoint format, which are tough to view on smartphones, tough to share and tough to deep link.

liveeastboston.com strives to make information available as linkable, flexible, fat webpages, which improve on non-webpage formats because they support links and small screens.  Webpages use links that are easy to share, bookmark, cross reference and deep link. Webpages can be viewed on a flexible range of screen sizes including smartphones, tablets and computers.  Webpages are made up of text and images that require less data than other formats.

We hope you enjoy the new site.


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