Blue Line 2040 Update

Blue-Red Connector replaced by a 600-foot walking connection in a new State/DTX "superstation."

Today’s MBTA Focus40 draft includes a Blue Line 2040 update.  From:

The MBTA’s Fiscal and Management Control Board (FMCB) today received a preview of the draft of Focus40, the MBTA’s long-range plan to meet the needs of the region in 2040. Focus40 envisions an MBTA that provides reliable, resilient, and robust service to support the region’s broader goals around mobility, economic competitiveness, equity, livability, accessibility, and sustainability.

Blue Line 2040

Program Objective

Accommodate growth at Logan International Airport and development sites in East Boston and Revere and ensure resiliency to severe weather and sea-level rise.

We’re Doing: Commitments through 2023

We’re Planning: Next Priorities through 2040

We’re Imagining

Connecting the Blue Line to the Red Line, and extending it beyond to Back Bay and Longwood, and also north to downtown Lynn, to support transformational development



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